Wednesday, September 7, 2016

     Starting a blog is something I've pondered for quite sometime. As an aspiring author I thought it was about time to start one. Though I call myself an aspiring author there are many things that I will be blogging about. Everything from snippets of latest writings to my views on whatever topic happens to be on my mind that day. I'm really into, and enjoy learning and writing about a wide variety of things.
     Reading is truly what gets my creative juices flowing. My favorite author however cliche it may sound, is Stephen King. The man is a literary genius in my mind. The way he puts a story together and intertwines all the different layers and characters is amazing. Brad Meltzer is another favorite of mine, he is a great story teller. He also has great books for kids as well, truly a well versed individual and extremely intelligent writer. In reality there are far too many authors and books that I enjoy to list here, you may get bored reading them all. I'm sure more of favorites will come out in future posts.
     This is the first of hopefully many blog posts that I hope everyone will enjoy reading. I can take criticism so if you don't agree with anything I say please let me know, or any constructive criticism that I could use to help my blogging would be greatly appreciated. As I said this is my first try at blogging. Of course if you like my blog I would love for you to let me know.

     Signing out for now....until next time!

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