Monday, September 26, 2016

Blog Post #3

     This has been a very productive day thus far. My writing is coming along great, I don't know if any one else would agree with my assessment of that. Really, I just hope that one day others will enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy writing it. I'm very much looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of my writings. 

     As those of you who read my last blog entry probably figured out one of my favorite topics is crime and murder. Though I still struggle to find that one niche and stick with it. So I just write whatever is on my mind that particular day. I have several "projects" that I've started and have a hard time finishing. While new to writing to the extent that I'm doing it now, it's something I've loved to do my entire life. As a child I was constantly writing, albeit just two or three page short stories, it's something I've always enjoyed doing. My dream has always been to be able to make a living writing, the only way to find out whether I can or not is to try my best and see what happen. Of course, we'd all love to have the success of Stephen King and sell millions upon millions of copies of our novels, but we know that's not a feasible goal. Honestly I would be shocked beyond belief making any money with my writing, but truth is often stranger than fiction, maybe just maybe it will happen one day. Money isn't really the goal though, most people that I've talked to write simply because they love to write, if any monetary gain comes with it all the better. But I'd be lying if I said anyone of us wouldn't love to be able to make a nice living doing what we love. 

     I'm very much looking forward to connecting with other writers on all platforms. There are what seems like infinite websites to help gain some visibility and exposure. I have yet to sign up on any of these sites, but hopefully will soon once I decide which one or ones. Writing is not an overnight thing, it is something that takes time and effort and consistency over time, the old saying is "persistence pays off". Well it's time to see if that 's true or not. It would be amazing simply to show my children that in the words of George McFly " If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." 

     To be continued.....

     Signing out for now.....until next time. 


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