Thursday, December 22, 2016

     It's been a very frustrating past few months. I just can't seem to get anything accomplished. Work has been so crazy and we have had so much turnover the past three months it has been brutal on those of us still here. Me being in a management position has made it even worse, working six sometimes seven days a week, 60+ hours per week seems to be the norm lately. All I want to do is write and create something that I'm proud of. Everything was going great for a while, but I've basically not accomplished a thing for three months, or so it feels. I have so many ideas running around in my head, I just need to get them out and on paper. Hopefully things will begin to turn around very soon, it can't enough soon enough however! Enough of my ranting, but thank you for listening. I hope to be adding many more blog entries in the very near future as things start to get back to normal.

     I sincerely hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday season, and an awesome new year!!🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄🎅🎅🎄🎅🎄

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